Impluse Buys Are a Good Thing: Potted Plants and Patio Furniture

Remember how I mentioned I wanted to find some cheap chairs for the backyard? Well while I was waiting to meet up with a friend for dinner, I happened to stop in Target…as one does. I was looking for a runner for our stair project and happened to walk past a display with these chairs.

They may or may not have come home with me, and now live in my backyard. It’s funny, the same thing happened at Home Goods a few months ago with a faux plant. Without further ado, here are all the details on my latest impulse buys: potted plants and patio furniture.

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Upgrading Our Backyard: Hanging IKEA Curtains

It was a SUPER hot weekend here in Austin, TX. My car’s temperature readings were above 100 every day, and I had the sweat stains to prove it. Which is why I decided it was time to work outside! I sure know how to pick winning projects and schedule them at great times, don’t I? Anyway, I got it done so without further ado, scroll down to see how I upgraded our backyard with IKEA curtains for super cheap!

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