Upgrading Our Home Office With IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Chapter Two: Finishing Touches

Since this is a two part post, be sure to go back and read Chapter One about installing the cabinets before you read on, otherwise a few things won’t make sense!

Hallelujah! We had countertops. I actually kind of liked the look of the raw wood but knew since we were going to put in dark hardwood floors someday, I wanted to stain it dark. You can also see we hung our monitors and hid the cords (the left one has skewed to one side in the picture above, but it just rotates back into place. Here’s the mount we used, and here’s the cord hiding mechanism. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually against code to put any sort of regular plugs behind a wall because it’s a documented fire hazard. I’m glad we spent the extra money to do it the right way.

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Upgrading Our Home Office With IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Chapter One: Installing Cabinets

I know, I know…where are the stair renovation pictures? Well, they’re coming, but finishing up that project is taking awhile. Soon, guys, soon! Promise!

When we moved into our house in March of 2016, I knew the first project we needed to do was update our home office. There was a perfect little nook in between two drywall columns that would fit a double desk really well. I started dreaming but knew it had to be on a budget. We had just bought a house after all, and I wasn’t ready to drop a few thousand more dollars on custom cabinets or anything of the sort. But something had to be done. We decided on installing IKEA cabinets.

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How To Buy The Right Power Tools

My parents taught me pretty much everything I know about DIY. They took their 1980s home from a pretty rough shell (smelly dog carpet, chewed windowsills, and squeaky floors anyone?) to a beautiful space, including a massive great room renovation. And they did most of it themselves. When they bought the house, the basement was unfinished. They framed, drywalled, painted…you get the point. They’re basically awesome. They have a wonderful saying though, “The right tool makes the job so much easier.”, and they are so right. Especially when it comes to power tools.

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Dining Room Makeover Reveal: Refinishing French Doors!

I realized while organizing pictures the other day that I’ve never shared our ‘finished’ dining room with you guys! It was one of the first rooms we worked on when we moved in, since it’s right off of the front door. The sad part is, the room really wasn’t that bad, it was just the paint. Metallic gold/green. Not the best color choice, and very unappetizing for a dining room! As a reminder, here’s what we were starting with.

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Stair Makeover Chapter Three: Caps, Carpet, and Caulk

Time for Stair Makeover: Chapter Three. We have stair caps! And finished risers! I’m trying to keep it real with you guys – we don’t renovate our home full time (I wish!), and life gets in the way. I didn’t get as much done this weekend as I had hoped, but that’s ok. We have SOME progress, and that’s better than no progress.

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