Hello! I’m Catherine, the design brain behind this blog. Let’s get to know each other!

Above is me on a great hair day, right after I left the salon. I’m a pretty low maintenance girl at work (long hours as a teacher), but on the weekends I love doing my hair, wearing makeup, and being extra girly!

I love music of all kinds (though I teach classical), Pinterest, blogging, design of all kinds, computers, gaming, bullet journaling, and of course teaching! I’m starting my journey as a mother in April of 2017 and am so excited – I can’t wait to hold that little girl.

As you look around the site, you’ll see posts from both myself and my husband, Aaron (scroll down to read about him!). We love to write about our home renovations, little hobbies we have, and all kinds of other things! We started this blog as a way for us to spend more time together – I’m super into design, and he’s a web developer by trade so it just fits.

We moved to Austin, Texas the day after we graduated college. We loaded up what we could in Aaron’s CR-V, drove from Kentucky to Texas with no jobs, no safety net, and no idea what we were going to do! Thank goodness my wonderful aunt took us in and helped us get on our feet. Fast forward a few years, and here we are: own a home, both have jobs in our fields, and are expecting our first child.



Hello! I’m Aaron, the code and ‘muscle’ behind this blog. Let’s get to know each other!

Above is a picture of me when Catherine and I went to the restaurant at the top of Sandia Peak in Albequerque, NM. You can usually find me in a t-shirt and jeans, but I’ll put on a button down if Catherine asks real nice.

I love podcasts, music of all kinds (though I don’t listen to as much classical as Catherine does), GitHub, helping out with this blog, gadgets, computers, gaming, and pretty much anything to do with code.

I’ll admit, Catherine is most of the brains of how our house looks, but I love helping her every step of the way. Some of my favorite memories together are working on projects she has dreamed up! It’s so much fun to work on this blog with her as a creative outlet, and is a great way to stay in touch with our families that don’t live near us.