Room Redesign: Sarah’s Light and Airy Bedroom with Traditional Elements

Hello again, everyone! I’m back today with a new kind of post – a Room Redesign. I love solving problems and figuring out how spaces can work, but can only rearrange the rooms in my house so often. Aaron is so sweet and always helps me, but I think he could do with a little less ‘Honey, what if we moved the…’ 😂 Which is why I want to bring you some redesigns of a few fellow blogger friends. Today is Sarah’s bedroom – she writes over at Transfer Ways and asked if I could help her re-imagine her bedroom. It’s certainly a transformation from a very traditional room with lots of items to a light, airy space.

The Starting Point

Room Redesign: Sarah's Light and Airy Bedroom with Traditional Elements

Above you can see what she is starting with, including a few family pieces that she wants to hang on to. Each of them have such a beautiful wood grain! Sarah admits to having a lot of stuff, and is looking forward to spending some of this summer cleaning things out and paring down. She actually has a really nice space, it’s just hidden underneath a little bit of clutter. Here’s a list of everything she wanted to keep:

  • Floor to ceiling shelving
  • Hutch
  • Nightstand/Bedside Tables
  • Green Hamper
  • Dresser
  • Lamps

The New Layout

My first step is always the floor plan. Sarah needed a functional desk, since she’s taking online classes, and like I mentioned earlier, wanted to keep some family pieces. That included her headboard, bedside table, dresser, bookshelf, and hutch. All I had to do was open up, draw up the sketch she sent of her room electronically, and get to work figuring out the puzzle.

Room Redesign: Sarah's Light and Airy Bedroom with Traditional Elements

Once I get the major pieces placed, it all falls into place. First, I knew I wanted to get her bed out of the back corner. I also wanted to get her desk in front of a window. There’s nothing nicer and more relaxing than looking up from whatever you’re working on and being able to look outside and get some perspective. Since Sarah is taking online classes, it’ll be extra nice to be able to have that! I also wanted to make sure her bed was accessible from both sides. I think it’s such a pain to make a bed that is jammed up next to a wall. It’s so much easier to tuck everything in when you can walk all the way around it.

Fitting In All The Pieces

Next, I tried to fit in the rest of what she wanted to keep. Her bookshelf was actually pretty skinny, so I placed it behind the doorway in the entry so it takes up less real estate in the room. I already mentioned I wanted the bed away from the wall, so I placed the bedside table she wanted to keep next to the bed to create just enough space to move around it, and put the dresser on the other side. I’ve already mentioned how I think bedside tables should be bigger, and the dresser fit so well there!

The hamper will tuck nicely right next to it, and it’ll have a little space around it, making it easier to remove dirty clothes when it’s time to do laundry. The hutch fits perfectly on the wall that leads into the closet, which left just enough space for a desk in front of the window. Right now Sarah has one that works but is obviously too small for her needs. A girl needs to be able to spread out!


Room Redesign: Sarah's Light and Airy Bedroom with Traditional Elements

I asked Sarah what kind of style she leans towards and to send me some inspiration pictures, and she sent me the above. I could tell she loves a light, airy space with everything in its place. There’s a lot of modern elements in these pictures, which was a challenge with the traditional pieces that she already had. But there’s no rule against mixing traditional and more modern pieces together, which you see all the time these days! Just look at basically everything Chip and Joanna Gaines do!

Bringing It All Together

So here’s where the real work starts: trying to make everything come together into one cohesive idea. As you can see in the mood board, everything is light and airy. I incorporated lots of neutrals, but also played with lots of textures. The first thing I would do is paint the walls white, and wallpaper one of the walls with a white faux brick pattern. In terms of redoing any furniture, she wants to keep the dark stain on the family pieces but was open to painting her headboard. Again, visual lightness is the name of the game on this one. I used Rustoleum’s Chalked chalk paint in Linen White on Emma’s dresser and am super happy with it. It’s WAY cheaper than the fancy Annie Sloan stuff too, and there was no prep work!


Room Redesign: Sarah's Light and Airy Bedroom with Traditional Elements

New Furniture

There’s only two furniture purchases for this redesign – a new Windham desk by Target and a new sturdy desk chair. She simply needs more room. The desk she’s working on currently doesn’t have enough space for a computer and a textbook next to each other. Plus, it’s tall, but she isn’t really utilizing that space. It’s just more visual clutter that can be stored in drawers below. In terms of the desk chair, I love this one with a padded seat, this one with no arms for more flexibility, and this one with a higher back for more comfort.

New Accessories

Room Redesign: Sarah's Light and Airy Bedroom with Traditional Elements

Sarah has lots of wonderful pictures all around her room, which inspired me to suggest a gallery wall to her. Amazon has been my go to for frames lately. I don’t know about you, but whenever I go to buy a frame, I always forget to measure. I dunno. Maybe you have your life together more than me. I usually just impulse buy the size that I think it is, and then end up having to return it. Which is why I do most of my shopping online. It has nothing to do with wanting to stay in my pjs! 😉 Anyway, I love these gold frames – they are perfect for hanging her Instagram and other pictures in a clean and organized way. I think putting these up as a gallery wall would be a perfect way to fill the space on either side of her bed.

Room Redesign: Sarah's Light and Airy Bedroom with Traditional Elements

She wants to keep the lamps she has, and I think they can be updated really easily with some new shades. The base of the lamps are pretty modern, it’s just the shades that are little more traditional. This is a great way to update lamps of all kinds! I love getting some from thrift stores and throwing a new shade on to give it a whole new look.

That’s almost everything! Layering in a few more neutral blankets, plants and flowers, lots of pillows and a nice big fluffy white comforter, and you’re good to go. I had so much fun working on this little redesign! Just because you have a smaller space doesn’t mean you can’t have big style. Sarah has some beautiful pieces of furniture that might scare people away from using them with more modern elements. I think if you do it right though, you can mix traditional and modern together!


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