Happy Fourth of July 2017: What Are Your Traditions?

Happy Fourth of July 2017, everyone! We’re enjoying a day cuddling with our little one, enjoying a day together, and have a little extra treat this year – Aaron’s brother is visiting. It’s so great to get to hang out with him for awhile and see him absolutely fall in love with Emma. I mean, what’s not to love? We plan on having a relaxing day around the house, going to walk in our neighborhood’s Fourth of July parade, and trying to catch some fireworks tonight.

Happy Fourth of July from Concrete and Lace! Here's our plans for today - nothing too exciting, but I wanted to drop in and say hello anyway!

I hope everyone has a fantastic day, whether you are celebrating or not! There may or may not be a baby outfit I bought MONTHS ago. I’m so excited to see if Emma can fit into it! It’s patriotic and just too cute. I think it’s gonna be too big for her, but we’ll see! I’ll be back tomorrow with a super cool new style of post where I help a fellow blogger redesign her bedroom. I’m so pumped about it and can’t wait to share!


How are you guys spending the Fourth? Or are you somewhere in the world where today is just another day? Any family traditions? Are you gonna set off some fireworks, or do they scare you to death?

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