Favorite Baby Etsy Finds

Our little Emma has been here for 12 weeks now. Holy moly! She’s quite a bit younger in this picture, but I’m feeling nostalgic tonight, ok? In that time, I’ve realized there are some things that I use a ton and some things that are just nice to have around. Etsy has always been a great place to look when the traditional retailers don’t work out, and the same has been true this time. I thought this roundup would be a great way to share some of my favorite baby Etsy finds!

Etsy Baby Finds - Concrete and Lace Blog


Ok, Momma-to-Be’s. There is really only one thing that you need when baby finally decides to come. (Kidding, mostly). It’s a wrap. It will save your sanity and make you a much happier person. There are lots of major retailers out there, but there are also really beautiful ones on Etsy that are similarly priced or even cheaper. Get one! I promise, you’ll love it. Especially when you’re out shopping and not pushing an enormous stroller around and your baby sleeps on you the whole time.Etsy Baby Finds - Concrete and Lace Blog

This peach one would add a lot of color to my usually very boring outfits. I bought two neutral ones, but maybe next time around I’ll get something more colorful!Etsy Baby Finds - Concrete and Lace Blog


This company, TuckandBundle, makes the most beautiful wraps I’ve ever seen. And the tag is a genius idea! I’m usually trying to hide mine since it’s so big and clearly not a part of the design. I’m constantly tucking it in. But this one is adorable! The leather really adds a ton.


Emma was born with a good amount of hair, but not enough for her to be able to wear bows or anything without a headband. It’s nice to be able to dress up a onesie if we are going out with just a little something that’s girly and fun.

I love this set from a neat shop called ThinkPinkBows that is super neutral and would go with most anything.

Etsy Baby Finds - Concrete and Lace Blog

The top knot trend on babies is just too adorable. This black and white striped one from AutumnBebeShop goes well with pretty much everything I wear these days since it’s almost always black, white, gray, or some other type of neutral.

Etsy Baby Finds - Concrete and Lace Blog

 Age Blocks/Chalkboards/Stickers

I wish I could say I’m more on top of it and have already done this, but the newborn days go by so quickly. Remembering to take a picture with my phone in the moment is hard, so remembering to take monthly pictures is even harder!

Etsy Baby Finds - Concrete and Lace Blog

I’ve already ordered these blocks though, which I think will kick my keester into gear. I love that they are solid, we can track a lot of things with them (pregnancy, weeks old, grades, etc) and they are so much prettier than anything I could DIY. Momma is lucky to have one hand these days, let alone two to operate a saw and paint nasty stain on wood while Daddy is at work.
Etsy Baby Finds - Concrete and Lace BlogThere are super cute chalkboard ones too, like the one above that would last a long time. It would be so fun to pull this out of a memory box years down the road and look back at all the pictures with it and see how big and fast they grow. I’m already amazed at how big Emma is, and she’s only a few weeks old!

Etsy Baby Finds - Concrete and Lace Blog

John and Sherry over at Young House Love are seriously magicians with Photoshop and put these kids of stickers on their little girl, but I don’t have that kind of skill *yet*. If we wanted to go the onesie route, I would definitely be purchasing some cute stickers to do it with.

Matching Outfits

Let’s be real. I wear black almost every single day. BUT – If Emma is wearing something super cute and we’re gonna go out, she’s basically going to be attached to be the whole time in our wrap. Which means that I should probably wear something that doesn’t seriously clash with what she’s wearing. I want one of these Momma/Baby outfits so bad. How cute are they?Etsy Baby Finds - Concrete and Lace Blog

This gray duo is right up my alley. Neutrals for days. Paired with some destroyed jeans or cutoff shorts since it’s hotter than Hades this summer here in Texas? Yes, please.

Etsy Baby Finds - Concrete and Lace Blog

This. All of this. I’m still nursing Emma 15+ times a day it seems, so Coffee is seriously needed. And since nobody would really see this since Emma is in the wrap and the writing is on the front, it could be a little inside joke between the two of us. That only I get. Technicalities!

Mommas and Dads out there – what are your favorite things that have helped you in your first few weeks with your little one? We are in NO way experts and would love to hear what you have to say. Tell us in the comments!


  1. Oh my goodness, your daughter is a cutie. I really enjoyed this roundup, so many cute things, especially the matching outfits. I found the wraps super helpful when my daughter was a baby as well, she always wanted to be held and the wraps provided the closeness for her, and gave me my hands back!

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