How I Installed My Car Seat in an Afternoon!

Baby B is almost here! There’s something in the back of my mind that keeps telling me that I’m going to go into labor early. In my mind, I needed to get her car seat installed ASAP. I think it’s the fact that I have the biggest work task of the year scheduled for 38.5 weeks. Not great planning, but I know it’ll be fine! She’s kicking me right now to reassure me!

Anyway, last weekend we got her car seat installed. Everybody’s car seat is going to be different, but we ended up with the Baby Jogger City Go Infant Carseat because it worked with our stroller (Baby Jogger City Select Stroller, if you’re interested). I would love to have picked out something that would work for a little while longer as this one only goes up to 35 lbs, but she’ll probably be able to sit in a regular stroller seat by then and will need to move to a non-stroller compatible car seat that can stay put at the point.

Aaron was working on installing a light in our garage while I was working on this, so it can definitely be done by one quite pregnant person. Here I am with the base installed, trying to remember how to remove the car seat from the stroller base.

How I Installed My Car Seat in an Afternoon - Concrete and Lace Blog

But let’s back up a bit! We have to install that car seat base first. I’ve actually found that the actual car seat is super easy to install (it just clicks into place) but the base is the hard part. Not because it’s really that hard to do, but because it takes some brain power to figure it out. The directions for these things aren’t always that clear and you kinda want to make sure you do it right!

Installing the Car Seat Base

The first step was leveling the car. I got our big red level from the garage and backed up the car until it was on even ground. Austin is pretty flat, but I can imagine it would be hard to find a level surface in some places! Can you imagine San Francisco and all those famous hills?

How I Installed My Car Seat in an Afternoon - Concrete and Lace Blog

Everybody’s car seat and base are going to be different, but I basically just fed the existing seatbelt through a latch on the base that holds it tight. No picture of that part because I was pulling with both hands as hard as I could on the seatbelt to make sure Baby B is going to be safe. Above is a closer look if you can imagine that the seatbelt is tucked securely in underneath the car seat. The directions mention that if you can wiggle the base more than one inch, it’s too loose. But anything less than that is fine!

How I Installed My Car Seat in an Afternoon - Concrete and Lace Blog

Installing the Car Seat into the Base and the Mirror

Lifting the car seat off of the stroller and into the car was no big deal at all (once I remembered how to detach it from the stroller!). PS: I love that thing a ton and am so excited to take the little one on lots of walks. I may have pretended to have a baby and test drove it around the neighborhood a few times already! 😉

How I Installed My Car Seat in an Afternoon - Concrete and Lace Blog

Once we got the car seat base installed and the actual car seat locked in, it was time to install the little mirror. I’m so excited to be able to glance back there and see her cute little face. The version we have just snapped around the headrest and took about 10 seconds to install.

How I Installed My Car Seat in an Afternoon - Concrete and Lace Blog

Overall, it took me about 2 minutes to actually install the thing, and an hour and a half or so to read and re-read the directions to get everything right. Totally do-able in an afternoon and it was a really fun experience. A few neighbors stopped by that didn’t know us and asked about the baby. We have a lot of older folks in our neighborhood as well as young couples and families. It was cool to connect with everyone and hear advice from all of the different stages of life!


  1. Don’t worry, you will become a pro at car seat installs quickly! I’ve had to put ours in and out of vehicles so many times by now (mine are 3.5 and almost 2) that I can do it in less than 5 minutes! Also, if you ask at the hospital when you have the baby, they should have transportation people who will double check the car seat install for you. We had a convertible with my first and they said he was too small for that seat so we drove carefully home, just a 15 minute drive, and he didn’t go in the car until we got a new infant one.

    1. Good to know! It took me WAY too long to get it figured out, but with practice, it’ll get better. 🙂 I’ll absolutely make sure they double check the car seat when we take our little one home!

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