30 Weeks Pregnant – Third Trimester Pregnancy Update

30 weeks pregnant pregnancy update - How it's been so far and how I'm feeling. Concrete and Lace

I’m 30 weeks pregnant (plus 4 days), and I think it’s high time for a pregnancy update. We haven’t really talked about the pregnancy since way back in the first trimester! We’ve gotten some new readers lately, so in case you missed anything I’ve included links below so you can easily read all the way back to the beginning!

30 weeks pregnant pregnancy update - How it's been so far and how I'm feeling. Concrete and Lace30 weeks pregnant pregnancy update - How it's been so far and how I'm feeling. Concrete and Lace30 weeks pregnant pregnancy update - How it's been so far and how I'm feeling. Concrete and Lace


I haven’t been fantastic about sharing (or even taking) belly shots. To be honest it just isn’t a part of my body I’ve always loved photographing. Unless you have a six pack of abs, I’m not sure who in the world is actually keen on taking a picture featuring their midsection. Plus it’s hard! Where does your arm go? How do you hold the camera? I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve either ended up with a blurry picture, or I dropped the camera all together.

Anyway, back to the 30 weeks pregnant update. The bump pics above give a little glimpse into how Baby B is doing. She’s growing at a steady rate, and has been healthy at every check up. I’ve definitely been scared this pregnancy with the MTHFR mutation that I have, but she has passed all her tests with flying colors. Makes her momma teacher proud!

30 weeks pregnant pregnancy update - How it's been so far and how I'm feeling. Concrete and Lace

The First Trimester

The first trimester was a doozy. From about 6 weeks to around 18 weeks(ish?), I was throwing up at least once a day. I missed a day or two of work, but only when I was actively losing my lunch. It’s hard to teach kiddos how to sing or play piano when you’re vomiting! I was very lucky to have coworkers that are super supportive of me. The kids have been pretty great, too.

The orchestra director at my school is a never ending source of wisdom and encouragement, and he can make me laugh like nobody else can (besides Aaron!). He’s a kind and thoughtful man that has been such a great person to be around while I’m at work. There are a ton of people at work that have been wonderful, actually, but there are too many to name!

First Trimester – Morning Sickness

I’ll never forget the first time I experienced morning sickness. We were sitting in the Starbucks drive-thru to get Aaron some coffee, and everything was great. We were going to go out for breakfast, but I didn’t make it much farther than sitting in line behind the person ordering. I asked Aaron to pull around the corner so I could throw up, and he did. Held my hair back and everything. He didn’t get his coffee and I didn’t get breakfast, but we’re getting a baby out of it so I’m still pretty pumped. 😉

I lived on saltines, water, and for some reason apples. Plain, raw apples were the only thing for awhile that I could eat that didn’t immediately make me feel horrible. I tried every trick in the book and nothing worked until I tried SeaBands. Those things are ugly, but man did they work. The pressure on my wrists took a little getting used to, and I always felt sick after I showered since I had to take them off, but other than that they were great. I seriously think that was the only reason I made it through the rest of my first trimester.

The Second Trimester

The second trimester was actually pretty easy pregnancy-wise! I was really busy up at school getting ready for our first Madrigal Dinner and running a 6A choir program by myself. In addition, my parents came to visit, AND we basically tore apart the second story of our house to put in new hardwood floors before the baby comes.

We got to see our little on at her 20 week scan and the gender was confirmed. We really were going to have a girl! I think knowing the gender already was a nice way for me to be able to focus on the other parts of the scan. We got to see her brain, her spine, her stomach, etc. It was the most exciting and humbling experience I think I’ve ever had. Baby B got pretty shy towards the end though, and the ultrasound tech had me get up and walk around the office to get her to turn back around.

Everything checked out normal at that scan, and we found out that we really are going to have a tall one on our hands. Her arms and legs were both in the 90th percentile! I’m 5’9″ and Aaron is 6’0″, so I guess it makes sense, but it was funny to think about a tall baby that will be ready to enter the world in a few short months!

The Third Trimester (So Far)

Now that I’m 30 weeks pregnant and almost in the home stretch, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever and on the other, I feel like this pregnancy has flown by. We still have 10(ish) weeks left, but I know that’ll be over before I can even blink. There is so much left to do. The flooring still isn’t done. Her crib isn’t put together. We haven’t ordered her diapers. Her nursery currently has a miter saw in it (totally normal around here). I have faith it will all get done, but I’m ready for spring break to be able to cross a few more things off my list.

I’ve been listening to this fantastic podcast called The Birth Hour that has been my lunch buddy the past few months. I think I’ve listened to every single episode at this point. When I started listening, I had no idea the host was also based in Austin, TX, since the stories come from mommas from around the world. It definitely leans a bit more towards natural unmedicated birth, but Brynn (the host) does a great job at finding women from all different backgrounds to tell their birth stories.

The Birth Plan

Many tears have flowed down my cheeks listening to that podcast, but it’s been a great way to prepare for the birth. I still don’t know what kind we’ll be having, but I do know it needs to be in the hospital. A home birth or birthing at a birth center would be great if I didn’t have the clotting issues that I do. I’m just not sure it’s right for me. I admire and am jealous of all the mommas out there than can do it!

I think it’s interesting how people get so up in arms about what kind of birth other people have. It’s such a personal and intimate experience – I can’t imagine judging someone else for their actions. Want an epidural? Great! Want to labor in a tub? Great! Want to eat your placenta? Great! The podcast has really opened my eyes to all kinds of different births and all kinds of different outcomes.

Anyway, that’s what this pregnancy has been like so far. I can’t wait to meet Baby B and get to hold her. Aaron and I ALMOST have a name picked out, and are crossing things off lists left and right – just a few things left to do!

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