sick and pregnant – 6 ideas on how to cope!

Sick and pregnant? 6 ideas to help when you can't take meds, but still need to feel better!

I’ve been fighting this same cold for about three weeks now. It started off with just an annoying cough, but I’ve now ended up losing my voice. Twice. Now I can’t breathe very well at all and have been using my rescue inhaler more and more. After two doctor’s visits, the only advice they have is to rest and hope it gets better soon – not what this 30 week pregnant lady wants to hear! I’m a teacher and can’t really take sick days, so here’s 7 ideas on how I’ve stayed upright when all I wanted to do was go to bed.

Sick and pregnant? 6 ideas to help when you can't take meds, but still need to feel better!

1 & 2 – Hot tea with honey.

I’ve been drinking tea non-stop for the last few weeks. I never really found the targeted (sleepy-time, cough helping, etc) teas to have that much benefit, and end up with a ton of unused pouches that aren’t really what I want to drink when I’m healthy, so I’ve been sticking to my favorites – fruit flavored teas. Celestial Seasonings is such a neat company (that has no idea I exist!) and I actually got to tour their factory once. The peppermint room was intense, guys.

Anyway, the hot tea has really helped when my cough gets too dry to do anything but annoy me. I’ve been loving the raspberry flavor lately, and adding a ton of local honey has helped a ton! If you can’t get local honey (we’re pretty lucky here in Austin to have lots available), I’ve heard good things about Manuka honey. I got this kind for my cousin for Christmas this year and they seemed to really like it!

3 – Humidifier.

I wish I had started this one earlier. Just today I added the humidifier, and though it hasn’t really made me feel better, it’s made my cough more productive. Plus every time I look at it, it makes me think of Baby B and how she’s going to be here so soon since we originally bought it for her! I’ve only used it for a few hours, but it is lightyears better than the one with a NASTY filter we had when I was a kid. Not that I wasn’t thankful for that – it got me through many nights with strep throat, but I’m happy this one doesn’t have a filter and is easy to use.

4 – Cough drops.

I think this one is a no-brainer, but cough drops have been saving my sanity. I had to go to a work conference (and overnight field trip) with 30 students this past weekend, and I think I used an entire bag of the biggest size available. I’m a music teacher, so I needed to quiet my cough in concerts and these did just that! I use them to fall asleep too, and I think my brain is now permanently programmed to only be able to taste this flavor for the rest of time.

5 – Sleep sitting up.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m sick, my cough is always worse at night. Especially when I lay down to try to get some rest (which isn’t that easy without being sick in the third trimester!). What has been saving me is our favorite pillows. They’re firm, last a long time, and are just so comfy. They’re perhaps my favorite part of our bed, besides our mattress. Anyway, sleeping propped up by these pillows have really helped me get some rest.

6 – Water, water, water!

When all else fails, hydrate. I’m sure some doctor somewhere said that. I’m pretty bad about drinking enough water, but when I’m sick, my favorite water bottle is always right by my side. I always thought the straws on water bottles were unnecessary, but after owning one for awhile, I now understand! I can lay down, lay on my side, etc. and still be able to drink to my heart’s content. I love this thing. Seriously.


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