lessons learned (floors day one)

Ya’ll – we finally bought the wood floors! AAAAANNNNDDD! Day one of flooring is complete! This weekend has been jam-packed, so we didn’t get as much done as we probably could have, but a small step forward is still a step forward.


Tabby is confined to our working area, since we still need to rip out some carpet and vacuum all. the. things. (She likes to eat pretty much anything that is loose on the ground) We bought this little folding pet gate from HomeGoods a few months ago, and it has been so wonderful! Even though Tabby could totally just jump over it, she seems to know she isn’t allowed, and accepts it.

BUT! Before we get to the flooring, I just have to share my student’s success from the last few days. Our program sent 3 ¬†students to Region Choir (which is a big deal!) and they performed a ton of great pieces. If you’re interested in classical music, here’s a bit of one of the songs below.

How cool is that? Texas’s All-State process is the real deal. This isn’t even the final performance, since that doesn’t happen until the spring. I’m so lucky to be a teacher!

Ok – back to flooring! Since I was at Region Choir all weekend, Aaron ripped out most of the carpet upstairs except for the bit under the cabinets, the filing cabinet, and in two of the bedrooms. He scraped up all of the residue from the glue and we hauled it all down to a Bagster this afternoon.


The next step was laying out the underlayment – we were going to go with something a little cheaper, but the guy at Lumber Liquidators talked us out of it. Still not sure it’s worth the extra cost, but it’s already here and installed so I guess we’re going with it! Here’s a link to it if you are interested. It’s called Insulayment.

You can probably tell we need to update a few outlet covers, change out the doorknob, paint the door, trim, and windowsill, but we’ll get to that shortly. I wanted to dry-fit the wood underneath the door just to double check it was going to work before I painted it. I don’t want to have to cut down a newly painted door! So in other words, nothing is actually installed yet, just kind of sitting in place.


Tabby was pooped at the end of the day, and so were we. Aaron hurt his back this week, and pregnancy doesn’t exactly leave you feeling like you can take on the world. Needless to say, day one was mostly research and mistakes. Not very much actual work got done, but I think that’s how it usually goes. Here’s a breakdown of what we accomplished.

  • Carried an entire Bagster worth of debris downstairs and out into the driveway
  • Bought paint for the nursery (This is the color!)
  • Bout a miter saw (Here’s the one we got!)
  • Figured out how to work a miter saw
  • Cleaned out two of the rooms that had turned into disasters during the time we’ve been renovating
  • Carefully measured and cut our first piece of flooring
    • Figured out that we cut off the wrong end, and had no way to attach the newly cut board to the previous board
    • Swear and say we’ll never finish this project
    • Try again
    • Yay! It fits!
  • Realized there would be no way to attach the quarter round to the existing trim
    • Realized the trim isn’t even baseboard, but door trim
    • Cursed the builders/previous owners
    • Found this product that seems to be the right choice as a simple fix for the issue since we CANNOT get the baseboards off without destroying the drywall (they glued AND nailed them to the wall, and splintered off in a million pieces when we tried to take them off)
  • Got two rows in, and discovered that if we leave the floor the way it is, there would be less than half of an inch showing near the banister
    • Decided that we want to build a custom bookshelf for that spot anyway
    • Realized this project is ballooning out of control
    • Decided not to do it
  • Did lots of research about how to make that section of the room work
  • Got really tired and went to bed
    • Decided to work on the blog and not to go to sleep. Not a good choice.


Anyway, that’s day one! Hopefully day two is a little more productive and we get to lay down a bit more flooring. We’ll let ya know! It’s still better than¬†our old stinky, stained, GROSS carpet!

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