Gender Reveal – Sneak Peek Says The Gender Is…

Gender Reveal - Sneak Peek Says The Gender Is... - Concrete and LaceTime for the gender reveal!!! Last time we talked, I had just ordered my Sneak Peek test and we were waiting for 9 weeks to arrive so I could take it. I held out to 9 weeks, 1 day. After reading a bunch of reviews online and watching a bunch of people film themselves taking the test (Youtube/the Internet is a weird wonderful place), I thought right around 10 weeks would be perfect. I wanted to wait a little longer than 9+1, but I just couldn’t wait another second. It was such a cool experience to use Sneak Peek to find out what the gender was, and fast too, once the initial waiting for 9 weeks was over!

How I Took My Gender Reveal Test

  1. Clean off and wipe down kitchen table with soap and water
  2. Wash hands
  3. Set out Sneak Peek kit
  4. Read directions 7.5 million times to make sure I did it right
  5. Prick finger
  6. Clot immediately…not enough blood
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 two more times
  8. Run out of lancets and decide there’s plenty of blood in the vial
  9. Clean up
  10. Have sore fingers for two weeks

The lancets they give you are REALLY painful. My ring, middle, and pointer fingers (where I drew blood from) were bruised and sore for the next two weeks. No joke. I ended up using all the lancets in the kit since I clot really well, but I don’t think the pain is their fault. Those lancets just hurt! My doctor’s office used the exact same ones for another finger prick blood test the other day, and my finger is just as sore this time.

Gender Reveal - Sneak Peek Says The Gender Is... - Concrete and Lace

The Gender Reveal!

Anyway, I cleaned up the test, put it in the provided envelope, and sent it on its way. Within 48 hours, I had the results. There was a little bit of a mix up with the results, but it all ended up ok. Basically, they just forgot to send them to me. I emailed the company, and they sent the results over within 15 minutes. That’s when I got this email:

Gender Reveal - Sneak Peek Says The Gender Is... - Concrete and Lace

I. Was. Shocked. I was SO CERTAIN the baby was a boy. I just knew. It had to be. Well…I was wrong. Oh well. I’m so excited to welcome our little one into the world, take her shopping, teach her how to be a woman, how to respect her body and herself, take her prom dress and someday wedding dress shopping (ahhh!), and hopefully be the best momma she could ask for.

The funny thing is, everyone I talked to said they thought it was a girl. The nurse at the OBGYN, the ultrasound technician, the sub coordinator at my school, the book keeper at my school, the dance teacher at my school, Aaron, etc. I didn’t believe them! But here we are, welcoming a beautiful, flowery, sugar and spice, tutu-wearing, pink little girl into the world. AND!!! We just had the Nuchal Translucency screening since I’m now 12 weeks, and she looks healthy. Her heartbeat is right on track, and she’s measuring beautifully for how far along I am. We’re gonna have a baby girl. SO EXCITED.

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