84 degrees

Our air conditioner is broken. We went to bed at 84 degrees, and woke up at 84 degrees. It has not been pleasant – the first guy we called to get it fixed charged us $150 to come out to the house, and told us we needed between a $15,000-$20,000 system installed. NOPE. Oh, and they wouldn’t be able to get us in until Thursday of this week. It’s Sunday. DOUBLE NOPE.

Thankfully, our realtor mentioned we should probably get a home warranty, and we did! It is sure going to come in handy. We contacted our company last night, and they responded very quickly! They said there will be a $60 service charge, but we should have air conditioning again by tonight! Woo!

In the meantime, we went to Baskin Robbins to get some ice cream to cool off. Definitely not on my list of healthy places to go, but we have been drinking green smoothies and eating organic salmon for a few weeks straight. And ya’ll, Texas is HOT. I wanted some ice cream. BASEBALL NUT IS MY JAM. Seriously. I convinced the person in front of me to get it, and the person behind me. It’s seasonal, which means it’s not always there. When I worked at Baskin Robbins and the Baseball Nut cartons would come in, my coworkers would make fun of me for how excited I got. But it’s that good.


A few hours before the AC went out, we bought a bunch more doorknobs so we can paint our bedroom, too! BEIGE BE GONE.

Both of our car’s tires are low, and have been for some time. I don’t understand why every gas station with an air station in Texas is broken. There’s no reason. Fortunately, Ryobi makes an inflator/deflator that works with our existing 18v system. Hooray for inflated tires!

We’re slowly updating all of our bulbs to 100 watt equivalent LEDS. What’s really cool about these, is most fixtures aren’t able to use 100 watt bulbs. BUT – since LEDS use less energy, we can get more light than we would be able to with conventional bulbs. Our bedroom is so bright. Right now, it just makes seeing the beige easier, but hopefully soon it’ll show off a beautiful new room!

Any fun updates around your house? Is your AC out in August too? Excuse me while I go fill up my ice water. Again.

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