20 minute pantry update and some white trim!

Ever have one of those projects that you buy all the materials for, plan everything out, and then don’t get around to it for a few months? And the supplies just sit in your living room, mocking you every time you walk past? Yeah, me neither.

Just kidding. I’ve had these pantry shelves since my Mom and Dad came to visit a month or so ago, and never got around to putting them up. Seriously? It took 20 minutes from start to finish. Including putting all the jars on the door.



The first thing we did was lay out the shelves on the door. Ideally, the door knob wouldn’t have been placed where it was, since it made the shelves a bit off center, but oh well!

Next, we used a chalkboard marker to draw dots in the middle of each anchor. I like it better than pencil since it shows up more, and is washable in case you make a mistake.


Next up is to drill your pilot holes at each of the places you just marked. Then, since this is a hollow core door, we hammered some drywall anchors in for extra stability.


Then, drill the screws through the brackets and into the drywall anchors, and you’ve attached your baskets! Repeat for all the other anchors/brackets.


Finally, rehang your door, and load her up! I use mason jars to store most of my dry goods and cooking supplies since they’re glass, intended to hold food, inexpensive, and pretty! I label them with a chalk marker, but I’m not completely in love with that system since the labels rub off somewhat easily. Any suggestions?


It makes such a huge difference! All our random (not pretty) supplies go on the top two shelves, along with all the canned goods I’m trying to use up so we can finally make the switch to completely fresh food.


Aren’t those jars beautiful? Note to self: find a TON of recipes that use sesame seeds since you’ve had these FOREVER and need to use them up.


To be honest, I haven’t put a ton of thought into how I’m going to organize these shelves. I’m just throwing stuff in there for now, and someday I’ll take the time to separate and sort everything the way it should be. Also, those Hint of Lime Tostitos are AMAZING. I’ve never tasted anything more delicious. *not sponsored


Here’s the only problem. I have nothing in my pantry. My mom always had a super stocked pantry, with no room to spare. I don’t know how she did it! I feel like I just bleed money at the grocery, and my pantry is still empty. Up on the top shelf, I just have the different flours I use for making my folic acid free bread, and on the bottom shelf is Aaron’s protein powder and some chicken stock.


Last little update: the trim in our family room is almost done! Ya’ll, that’s a huge room. I have no idea how we’re going to decorate it. We’d need the biggest couch ever in the history of man. BUT – the trim will be white, so it doesn’t matter. I can’t sit criss-cross-applesauce because of my foot issues, so I was laying down like this to paint. I asked Aaron if he thought the blog-o-sphere would think my painting technique deserved an A+, and we decided to snap this photo. It may not be the most professional pose, but it sure was comfy and it got the job done!

How about you guys? Any little updates around the house? Are you painting trim? Are you letting a little 20 minute project mock you for months before you complete it? Yeah, me neither 😉


  1. How well are the shelves holding up with that much weight? I want to do something like this but my husband is worried it would be too heavy on the hollow doors. I didn’t think about drywall anchors for the doors though.

    And an idea for your labels….. you could write them on pieces of paper you cut to fit on top of the lid but under the ring of the cans, that way it wouldn’t rub off and you could move them to other cans as you need.

    1. The shelves are holding up really well actually! We put extra long screws into the door hinges, and while they squeak a little and the door IS really heavy, everything looks great so far. I think the drywall anchors really were the key.

      Such a good idea for the labels! I think I see another project in the pantry in my future 🙂

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