i’m walking on sunshine

New bedding is one of my favorite things in the whole world! And yellow is one of my favorite colors…thanks for that, Mom! (It’s her favorite color) Our bed was looking a little sad and Tabby had another accident one night, so I hit up Target looking for a lighter weight replacement. Texas in the summer is pretty hot, after all.

I walked out with three cute yellow pillows, two new sets of sheets, and a new light weight quilt. I may have gone a little overboard, but we didn’t have any replacement sheets, just the one set that was on our bed. That meant all of the bedding had to be laundered on the same day, and I just forget, ok? The laundry usually sits in the washer for a few hours. I know I’m not the only one. Right? Right.


My favorite thing about these pillows is how soft they are. I grew up hugging a stuffed animal, so hugging a pillow at night is natural for me. The little pillow in the front is my ‘huggy’ pillow, and the two in the back are used for propping computers, legs, etc. up while we’re in bed. We’ve had more pillows on the bed before, but I’ve found that this configuration of two square ones and a smaller rectangular one looks the best and balances the pretty/functional aspect well.


It always amazes me how updating something as small as bedding can make such a huge difference in a bedroom’s feel. The lighter weight comforter is working out well (hello hubby that sleeps VERY hot), the new sheets feel like a hug every time I get into bed, and I smile every time I walk past our bedroom or crawl into bed at night. Tabby approves too 😉

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