what i’ve been working on

The office was one of the first places we worked on when we moved in. Aaron and I spend 90% of our leisure time next to each other at our computers. We are either playing Guild Wars 2 together, I’m blogging while he codes, or we’re playing video games separately. I pay our bills here, Aaron often works from home here, and we needed to complete this project so we could get to work!

Our desk is reallllllllly long. Both of us have corners that we can use for decorations, displaying useful items, etc. It gets quite warm upstairs, so I have a little fan I found at HomeGoods, some bills I need to pay on a clipboard, a calendar my sister gave me, an easel for my Erin Condren planners, and a metal tin to hold my favorite pens and pencils that I found at World Market. Aaron’s side has a picture of us on our wedding day, some fake flowers, and a map of Louisville.



We love our desks so far. THe mounted monitors are really working for us, but it just looks…busy. The paint doesn’t match, I still need to do some drywall repair, and the handles aren’t installed yet. I really try to keep this space clean, but I think I would like to simplify even more.


One of the biggest bummers is our chairs. The fabric is light and airy, something I really wanted to keep since we have a massive wall of cabinets. One night, Aaron was sitting on the couch, and I turned around in my chair to talk with him. I was rocking back and forth while I was talking with him, and rubbed some of the stain off of the counter and on to my chair. It left these lovely marks that I have NO IDEA how I am going to fix. I’m thinking I should have listened to Aaron and we should have gotten the Navy ones instead 🙁


Our little overlook houses a bunch of gifted items. My aunt got us this pouf for christmas, and my uncle gifted us this table for our wedding. It makes me so happy to look at this little corner – It’s nice to remember family, even if we are thousands of miles away, or just around the corner.



In our last apartment, everything we bought was neutral. The whole place was grey, brown, wood tones, white, or navy blue. There was no color! So we’re doing the exact opposite in this house. Lots of color everywhere! In this room, since we haven’t painted the walls yet, our pop of color has come from these curtains. I adore them! They’re so bright and cheery. I believe we got them from Target.


Tabby adores laying on the sofa while we work behind her. This sofa (and that bone!) have seen better days, but they’ll do for now. Lots of other projects to cross off of our lists before we tackle that one!



There’s this great website we joined when we moved into the neighborhood where you can post about things you’re giving away, solve neighborhood mysteries, and coordinate events. It’s really neat. Almost everyone in the neighborhood participates. We were laying in bed one morning, and I got an email saying there were three pieces of furniture for free on the side of the road. A media stand, a coffee table, and a side table. Come pick them up, and they are yours!

We got yp out of bed, I threw on a headband and some shoes, and we made our way over to the house where we were to pick up the furniture. Sure enough, it was still there! Two car loads later, and we were home with three new pieces of nice furniture! The coffee table needs some love (kids had carved some cute messages into it), but other than that, they are are great condition! I plan on painting them later on to match a little better to our tastes, but I’m so thankful we have them for now!

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