Move In Day! We’re Homeowners! How it Went and What It’s Like to Purchase A Home

Buying Our First Home!


We’re finally settling into the new place! The morning of closing, we drove downtown (where we would be signing all our documents), and basically just signed a bunch of papers. It was kind of a weird process since the sellers were in another room and we were periodically left alone to wait until the sellers had agreed to our terms. You can see Aaron was taking it VERY seriously.


Lunchtime and Waiting for the Keys

Anyway, all the papers (lots of them!) got signed, and we just needed to wait for the keys to be ready. They said it could be a few hours, but we didn’t really have anything else to do, so we went to Whole Foods for lunch. Their sushi was delicious and it was fun to pretend we were fancy for a day.

After lunch, we walked through the west elm store that’s downtown, and then back to the title company to pick up our keys. Unceremoniously, they handed us the keys in a manilla envelope, and we were on our way!

The First Homeowner Mistake – No Power

We got to the house and flipped the lights on…wait. Something is wrong. Why isn’t the light switch working? Do we not have power? WE DON’T HAVE POWER. Oh no. What do we do?!?!?!?!?

Turns out, when I was getting ready for the purchase, I called the wrong company to turn on our power. Austin Energy doesn’t service our home – Pedernales Electric Cooperative does. Austin Energy assured me that I was all set up and ready to go! They were wrong. So I called Pedernales, paid the very expensive day of start fee (ouch!), and we were on our way. Expensive mistake, but it had to be done. Aaron was running around taking pictures of the empty house while I was getting quite upset on the phone. I didn’t know he took this one, but I’m glad he did! I’ll remember that moment forever, and I can definitely laugh about it now.

The Time Warner cable guy was installing our internet, and Aaron and I started unloading the moving truck. I never want to move again, you guys. It’s too much work, but I’m too cheap to hire movers. You get all hot and sweaty and then you STILL have to clean! To this day, the box to our lawnmower is sitting in our living room. Because THAT makes sense.

First Project – Cabinets in the Office!

After we got everything moved and spent the first few days just enjoying our new home, we kept cleaning, organizing, and dreaming about projects until my mom came to visit a few weeks ago. She said she’d help us with a project – so we decided to go ahead and get our office set up. Since Aaron works from home often, we really needed to get it done. To IKEA!


After a few hours, we had a lot of our cabinets built and ready to hang. We’re really happy with the quality so far – they’re very sturdy and went together beautifully. The hardest part was screwing the drawer fronts on to the rest of the drawers. Since I opted for a design with a TON of drawers, we got to do that a lot.


Eventually, we got them up on the wall and decided to call it a night. It was midnight and I had to conduct church the next day since our regular choir director was sick.

PB Teen Office Chairs

We also splurged for the same office chairs that Young House Love has and they are SO comfy! We’d been eyeing them for years, and finally decided to bite the bullet and just buy them. Aaron really needs something good since he sits for so long every day. Fun fact – they’re actually from PB Teen but look super ‘grown up’!



Eventually, it looked like this. Almost done! We just needed to cut the countertop, join the two pieces in the middle, and run the wiring for our computers. But as usual, my DIY brain got the best of me and turned a simple project into a much more complicated one…you’ll see what I mean soon! We’re officially moved in! I can’t wait to share all of the projects we’ll be working on. Being a homeowner is so exciting!

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